Special Educational Needs

Ms Findlay is available Monday morning and Tuesday & Wednesday all day. 

Useful SEN documents

Click here for our SEN report, SEN policy, Mainstream Core Standards and Adapting the Curriculum

Additional advice for all parents and carers

These pages detail organisations, website and resources that can be accessed by all parents and carers on areas of SEND such as; communication and interaction, autism, dyslexia, ADHD and other agencies that could support families.

What do our parents say about SEN?

Parental questionnaires have indicated that 100% of all parents who responded agree that the school is good at providing extra learning support when required (March 23). 

We asked for comments from our parents, here are some examples:

‘...following her diagnoses for ADHD and autism, school has supported my child extremely well. They have put in place multiple procedures and support mechanisms to help her cope and learn.’

‘This small, nurturing school has been fantastic at putting robust mechanisms in place to help her cope emotionally and academically. What progress my child has achieved is thanks to the intensive one-to-one support that has been provided for her and the adjustments that have been made to enable her to learn in a supportive and understanding environment.’

‘SENCO and emotional support – I have been very impressed with the support both of my children have been given and also as a family. I believe they have gone above and beyond to help. Thank you.’

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