Mental Health

At St Margaret's Collier Street Primary School we care about Mental Health and Wellbeing.  Please click on the link here for further information on mental health resources for children, students, parents, carers and school staff.

Wellbeing and Mental Health

We belong within a rural community where the children and their families are at the centre of the work of our school where we grow and learn together. It is of high importance to us that we support every member of St. Margaret’s Primary School community. We passionately believe that all children need to feel safe and happy in order to flourish and to be the best they can be so that they can go forward to discover life in all its fullness.

The school collected very positive parental questionnaire results in a recent survey. The findings show:

  • 100% of parents believe that their child relates well to the staff within the school.
  • 98% of parents believe their child feels safe.
  • 100% of parents believe that the staff support their child’s wellbeing and mental health.

In School

The school is following the RHE curriculum, ‘Discovery Education’ and has introduced 'Zones of Regulation'.  Alongside this, within the school day children are provided with many resources, strategies and opportunities to express how they are feeling.

Well embedded in each class already is the use of Worry Boxes which allow a child to ask for support without having to start a conversation directly. Children can also find them soothing because they give them a physical way of getting rid of their worries, so they don't need to carry them around anymore and make them feel safer by holding their anxious thoughts for them.

Our older children have been trained to be peer mediators by Maidstone Mediation. Maidstone Mediation works in over 40 Maidstone and Malling schools. Mediation in schools has been shown to raise self-esteem and reduce the number of conflicts.

Mindfulness lessons covering breathing techniques, calming strategies and many other self-support ideas are delivered regularly to our children by a trained counsellor, Rebecca Newsom.

Should a child need any further support, at any stage, then the school can offer:

  • A trusted adult to touch base, offer support and check on the child.
  • Counselling with Rebecca Newsom.

Resources to Support Mental Health

  • ‘My Hero is you’ -please click on the link to an e-book that is designed to support children with Covid anxiety.
  • The anxiety Toolkit – A guide for parents and carers. Click on the link below:

  • Click below to access a two-week programme of Mindfulness activities for your child.

  • Visual support resources:

-Try Using a Now and Next board, 5 minutes on a timed activity then 5 minutes on a reward activity.

-Try using a visual timetable for the day.

-Keep Calm!

  • In the following link there are a series of videos covering the following topics:

-What is Resilience?

-How to Support Your Child to Have Good Health

-How to Support Your Child to Have Positive Friendships

-How to Support Your Child to Have Hobbies and Interests

-How to Support Your Child to Understand Their Emotions and Behaviours

-Understanding what Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Protective and Compensatory Experiences (PACES) are

-How to Reframe Your Thoughts and Language as a Parent

-How to be a Resilient Parent

Useful Emotional Links for Well-Being Support

Helping parents and carers to support children's emotional wellbeing in times of uncertainty.

This is a recorded webinar and costs £20 + VAT.

The aims of this session are:

  • To provide you with a safe space to pause and reflect on your own emotional needs and the needs of your child.
  • Explore the possible impact that the pandemic has had on your family.
  • Gain an understanding on how to protect mental health and wellbeing in challenging times.
  • Take away top tips for helping your child thrive through resilience.
  • Start to build your own family wellbeing toolkit.
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