Address: St Margaret's Collier Street School
Collier Street
Nr Marden
TN12 9RR
01892 730264
Headteacher: Mr Paul Ryan

School Uniform

We believe a uniform looks smart, is practical and gives children a sense of pride in both their appearance and the school.  Uniform also helps to eliminate any pressure which children often put on parents to be fashionable.
Our uniform is attractive and easily available.  There is a school uniform shop.  Opening times of the shop are available on the FOCSS noticeboard.
The Governors of the school request the support of all parents in providing the appropriate uniform outlined.



 Winter Uniform
White shirt
Tie (school shop)
Grey skirt/pinafore
Green V neck jumper or cardigan with school logo (school shop)
(Black or grey trousers of regular cut are optional after Autumn half-term and until end of Spring Term)
Summer Uniform
Green/White striped or checked dress
Green V neck jumper or cardigan with school logo (school shop) 

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Winter Uniform
White shirt
Tie ( school shop)
Black or grey trousers
Green V neck jumper with school logo (school shop)
Summer Uniform
White polo shirt
Grey trousers or shorts
Green V neck jumper with school logo (school shop)

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P.E. Kit

Green shorts (boys and girls - school shop)
White T Shirt (school shop)
P.E. Bag - named (school shop)
Track suit (optional)

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Uniform Price List

Jumpers 24 £11.00
26 £11.00
28 £11.00
30 £11.00
32 £13.00
34 £13.00
36 £13.00
38 £13.00
Cardigans 24 £12.00
26 £12.00
28 £12.00
30 £12.00
32 £14.00
34 £14.00
36 £14.00
PE  Shirts     26 £5
28 £5
30 £5
32 £5
34 £5
36 £5
Shorts 24 £4.50
26 £4.50
28 £4.50
30 £4.50
Football Style
22-24 £4.50
26-28 £4.50
30-32 £4.50
Ties Elastic £3.00
Normal £3.00
Summer Hats £1.00
Caps £1.00
Book bags £5.50
PE Bags £4.00
Wooly Hats £1.00
School coats to order
Footwear  Plain black shoes
No Trainers (except for PE)
Art Overall  All children need an art overall which can be an old shirt worn back to front with velcro at the neck and elastic at the wrists or a purchased art overall.
School sun hats and wooly hats are available from the school shop and a reversible waterproof jacket may be ordered. 
There is also second hand uniform available.

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