Address: St Margaret's Collier Street School
Collier Street
Nr Marden
TN12 9RR
01892 730264
Headteacher: Mr Paul Ryan

Why does Christmas matter?

We have been thinking about the importance of Christmas to Christians, learning about the countdown to Christmas, how Christmas is celebrated, and all about the Nativity story. We even went on a class trip to the cinema to watch a film retelling the Christmas story. Some of our other work involved making an advent calendar, looking at paintings depicting the birth of Jesus, and creating our own images, too. In our last lesson we asked Father Paul to come into our class and answer any questions we had suggested in our previous lessons. Our class RE book was really useful, as we were not only able to share our learning with him, but also find the questions that we had previously thought of. Father Paul also brought gold, frankincense and myrrh for us to look at and smell, which we really enjoyed. Can the children tell you about any of their questions linked to Christmas?